Anti Money Laundering Checks for Estate Agents

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The AML Challenge

Commercial and residential estate agencies, auctioneers and rental agents are legally required to undertake customer due diligence as part of their daily business.

Obtaining the documentation required to complete Anti Money Laundering checks can impact the property transaction. With multiple parties involved this can be time consuming to coordinate and is not always straightforward.

Our Solution for Estate Agents

Our services allow you to perform a range of anti money laundering checks to comply with regulations. Firstly, choose from an electronic ID verification, a capture of identity documents and photo with digital evaluation, or a combination of both for a higher level of assurance. The service will also undertake a comprehensive screening against regulatory watchlists and a global politically exposed persons database to complete the check.

Whatever your need, we can assist you to complete your transaction with confidence.

How we assist clients

Our team will help you explore the options available to help you meet your anti money laundering obligations. They will provide you with clear and comprehensive information enabling you to make the right choice.

The pricing of our service offers cost effective options for businesses of all sizes.

Our AML Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who regulates Estate Agents for Anti Money Laundering?

HMRC serves as the supervisory authority for Estate Agents in matters regarding AML.

What are the requirements for Estate Agents regarding AML regulation?

To adhere to AML regulations, Estate Agents must do the following:

  • Register with HMRC
  • Appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer and a Nominated Officer
  • Ensure that your company has a comprehensive, codified AML policy
  • Make certain that the appropriate Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is carried out
  • Notify the relevant authorities about any potential breaches in AML policy
  • Ensure that precise records are kept for auditing purposes
  • Ensure staff are adequately trained and informed of your AML policies

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