Identity Verification

Confirm the identity of your customer with our range of verification services.

Identity Verification

Get to know you customer

The critical first step in your anti money laundering defences is to know the identity to your customer. Different approaches will work better depending on the type of business and the nature of the relationship. Our AML Guard service provides a wide range of identity verification services to support all situations. Have confidence that your customer is who they say they are whether they are based in the UK or abroad.

Compare to digital foot print.

Electronic ID

  • Verify your customer’s identity in seconds.
  • Reduce friction and improve your customer experience.
  • UK

  • Benefit from Experian’s over 30 years experience in providing services to the UK’s largest banks and retailers.
  • 3 dimensional approach, analysing the breadth, depth and quality of the available data.
  • International

  • Coverage in over 50 countries across 6 continents.
  • Validate name, address, date of birth, national ID and contact information.

Physical ID

  • Screen customers from over 190 countries remotely and securely.
  • Secure web app to capture images of physical ID and comparison photo.
  • Anti-fraud and forgery checks.
  • Liveness detection.
  • Digital and physical manipulation checks.
  • Biometric analysis.

Physical ID

document verification

ID Document Verification

  • Validate passports, driving licences and more.
  • Simple secure upload direct to our web portal.
  • Enhanced technology to assess the document quality.
  • Anti-fraud and forgery checks.
  • Digital and physical manipulation checks.
  • Publicly exposed document detection.

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