Watchlist Screening

Comprehensive screening for sanctions, PEPs and adverse media. We screen millions of records every day to provide reassurance to our clients.

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As a cloud-based service we take care of the technical elements and provide a fully customisable watchlist screening service that's ready-to-go. Our specialists will walk you through all configuration options to ensure you get the right screening for financial sanctions, politically exposed person or adverse media.

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Once screening against the required data has been completed, there’s still work to be done. Our potential match review service can help. Compliance Assist analysts can support your internal resources either as part of a one-off project or ongoing requirement. Allow us to take the pressure off your business.

Quick Deployment

When a compliance risk is identified action needs to be taken. As a cloud-based solution our Watchlist Guard service allows you to get your customised screening solution configured and deployed within hours.

On-line, Batch or Integrated

Implement a screening solution that will give your business the coverage it deserves. Undertake one-off checks via the web portal, process in bulk or integrate direct from your own systems.

Auto Discount Rules Engine

Minimise the amount of time spent by employees reviewing potential matches. Automate a range of decisions and dedicate time to focusing on the cases that need a more in-depth investigation.


Ensure your customer screening in always up to date. Our monitoring service will perform nightly reviews of your data and provide alerts of any watchlist changes that may relate to your customer.

Match Review

Accurately track decisions made when reviewing potential matches and assign risk ratings to true matches. Add notes and attachments to create a complete picture along with a detailed audit trail.

Multi-List Screening

Watchlist Guard supports the requirement to screen data against watchlists from multiple data providers. Where specific lists are desired due to the jurisdiction of customers talk to us about our Bring You Own Data option.

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