Customer Due Diligence for Financial Services

Flexible screening solutions for an ever-changing compliance landscape

The Rising Bar for Compliance

Regulators are putting ever greater pressure on financial firms to have extensive controls in place around the parties they provide services to.

Financial crime prevention regulations are continually evolving and need to know your customer has never been more important. The ever changing international landscape is also resulting in a greater need for comprehensive client due diligence and ongoing monitoring for sanctions, political exposure and adverse media.

These factors all contribute to escalating compliance costs and heightened demands on internal resources.

Reducing the Burden

Through our platform you gain access to a range of customer due diligence checks designed to help reduce to strain of complying with regulations:

  • Identity verification (electronic and physical)
  • Fraud scoring
  • Bank account verification
  • Screening against sanction, regulatory and PEP lists
  • Adverse media screening
  • On going monitoring

How we helped allpay

Find out how we helped allpay deal with their challenges.
A screening solution was required that would link in to different stages of their card issuing process and alert them should a card holder be listed.

How we helped



Support for Complex AML Issues

In addition to providing a customer due diligence solution ComplianceAssist has a wealth of experience available to help clients address financial crime related issues. Use our Assist service to to ease the day to day pressure on your internal team or engage us to support individual projects.

External regulatory reviews or findings of an internal audit can all trigger the need for action to be taken. From advising on the overall approach, to the execution of remediation projects, we have provided our expertise to clients large and small to help them handle these situations and come out in a better position.