Allpay case study

The challenge

  • Screen potential cardholders to identify PEPs and those subject to financial sanctions
  • Work within the build and implementation of a new processing system
  • Fit seamlessly into the card issuance process and minimise disruption
  • Transfer information securely for screening

Our solution

A simple extension of the WatchlistGuard service gave users the ability to submit information for screening via a web portal, API and batch. Where a client wishes to use the batch facility, a batch response can also be made available. The batch transfers make use of SFTP and PGP to ensure the security of any data transfers.

Allpay are able to collate details of new card holders at the end of the working day and securely submit this for screening prior to further processing. This is processed and an encrypted response sent within agreed SLAs. With the use of WatchlistAssist any potential matches are then reviewed by trained analysts, with results of this review sent as a further update.


Allpay benefit from an integrated screening service enabling them to meet their regulatory requirements with minimal impact on their business. No additional costs had to be covered, as the batch facility was already available as part of the Sanctions Assist service they had in place.

Additional training for staff was not required, as they were already familiar with the web interface that the solution was delivered through. Costs to the business were minimised through greater economy of scale as the overall volumes were greater.

The impact to the business was kept to a minimum due to no significant changes on their side, with the potential matches still being handled by us.