Corporate Third Party Due Diligence

Reducing the risk of doing business

Why Undertake Due Diligence

Customers, suppliers and other third party service providers all need careful management. There are many risks, such as financial sanctions, bribery, corruption and others, that could lead to contractual violations and reputational harm.

The need to have a deep understanding of exactly who you are doing business with is becoming more and more important. A comprehensive risk management strategy is essential, but it also requires a wealth of information to support the right choices.

Targeting the Right Information

Our solution goes beyond core information on global financial sanctions and includes a broad range of reputation risk data. You can customise the screening process based on your third party relationship to get the right information at the right time.

If you’re operating in regions of political instability, keeping up-to-date is essential. Our monitoring service adds further protection by notifying you as information changes allowing you to act to protect your business.

How we can help.

Our screening service provides access to some of the best commercially available data on the market. For additional protection our anti money laundering services provide access to a vast resource of verification data to help you understand more about your third parties.

Our screening service



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