Reduce the impact of compliance on your internal teams. Discover how we can help with your match review process, further due diligence or remediation projects.


Understanding Your Needs

Our Assist service has been designed not introduce any additional risks to your business. We achieve this by getting to know your business and the challenges you are looking to solve.

Working with you we look at the options available to address the challenges as efficiently as possible. Our key aims are to help you improve your compliance whilst minimising the cost.

How We Work

From the start we take a comprehensive approach, ensuring end-to-end processes are fully documented and agreed before any work begins.

Where decisions are made, a catalogue is formed to define exactly how our analysts will determine the path to take. Regular feedback and reviews ensure the process is refined to be accurate and efficient.

Effortless Integration

Where the Assist service is being used to help with the review of potential matches our system has been designed to seamlessly integrate our analysts into your processes.

SLAs are agreed to ensure reviews are undertaken in a timescale to meet your operational needs. The configured workflow looks after the correct routing, whilst providing you with complete visibility.


Continual Improvement

A key goal of our Assist service is to reduce the impact on your business. Processes are designed to evolve over time based on your feedback and suggestions from our analysts.

These changes are recorded within the documentation and the decision catalogue so the process can be updated. This allows us to constantly improve the work being undertaken and minimising the number of referrals.

Quality Assurance

Undertaking work for a client doesn’t end once it’s been completed by our analysts. To maintain the high standards expected by ourselves and our clients, each case goes through our assurance process.

A random sample is selected and reviewed by a different analyst to the one who undertook the original work, checking for the correct and accurate application of the agreed process.

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