Protecting our customers, so you can protect yours

Financial sanctions can limit the provision of insurance. Whether you are a broker, insurer, reinsurer or a claims handler you need to know these restrictions apply to the customers you are providing cover to.

Comprehensive sanctions screening can be complex to put in place, with many different stages such as quote, bind, renewal, and payment. Add in delegated authority or claimants and it can be even more difficult.

Our solution provides sophisticated screening that can be used throughout the policy lifecycle and cover all parties involved.

How we can help

Bring your customer screening up to date by loading all policy holders in to our system. From this point we can monitor the policy holders and provide you with an alert should they match to a new entry on a watchlist. Once a policy is terminated the holders can be removed to ensure there are no further alerts.

Our transactional screening can cover the need for one-off checks against claimants.  This will ensure you are protected from issuing payments to restricted parties.

Our screening service